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Edible Flowers
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Micro Greens

Zesty Green Sorrel

Taste profile | Green colour oval shaped leaves with tangy and lemony flavour. Very refreshing addition to potato or grain salads, best enjoyed raw as it is, either chopped up or as a full leaf.

Commonly paired with |
 Cream, Yogurt, Cheese, Potato, Pesto, Scallops, Bacon, Salmon

Health benefits | Packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium, and is a good source of fiber. The leaves helps to boosts immunity, digestive health and maintain healthy eyesight and skin.

Mini Basil

Taste profile | Richly aromatic with subtle hints of mint and sweet basil flavours. Small compact leaves make them the perfect final touch to your salads, pastas or even desserts for extra flavour boost.

Commonly paired with |
 Mushrooms, Yogurt, Berries

Health benefits | Great source of vitamin A and magnesium that can help to boost cardiovascular health and blood circulation.

Spicy Nasturtium

Taste profile | Lily-padlooking leaves with sharp peppery flavour and mustard scent. Can be mixed into salads for extra flavour burst or as garnish.

Commonly paired with |
 Potato, Pesto, Eggs, Alcohol

Health benefits | Rich source of Vitamin C for supporting of immune system.

Mysterious Shiso

Taste profile | Distinctive bright taste with hints of mint, cilantro and basilFresh leaves are best used as a wrap for bbq meats or torn to bits and eaten with fresh fruits. Can also be juiced with fresh apples & oranges.

Commonly paired with |
 Fish (Yellowtail, tuna, salmon), Pesto, Fruits, Grilled meats

Health benefits | Rich source of antioxidant. Its superb anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties is also known to strengthen our immune system and skin health.

Sweet Basil

Taste profile | Large curled juicy leaves filled with sweet and spicy flavours Best enjoyed fresh on pizzas and pasta dishes or can also be used in alcohol infusion.

Commonly paired with |
 Cheese, Eggs, Olive oil/vinaigrette dressings, Alcohol

Health benefits | Rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and manganese. Helps to shield ourselves from cell damaging free radicals, boosting stress relief.

Juicy Tatsoi

Taste profile | Looks like pak choy but don’t be fooled! Simply mix torn creamy leaves and sweet crunchy stalks for a fresh salad base. It can can be lightly stir fried with garlic and onion.

Commonly paired with |
 Avocado, Grains, Eggs, Tofu

Health benefits | High in carotenoids for improving eye health and calcium.

Peppery Mizuna

Taste profile | Mildly bitter and peppery taste that adds subtle flavour punch to any dishA common salad green that can be used as a salad base or cooked by adding it to stir fries, pasta and soups.

Commonly paired with |
 Alfredo/tomato based sauces, Bacon, Fruits, Quinoa

Health benefits | Promotes eye health, strengthen bones.

Spicy Mustard

Taste profile | Frilly leaves that has robust mustard flavour and wasabi-like finish. Common salad green that pairs well with beef, pork and cheeses. It can also be enjoyed cooked in a simple sautee.

Commonly paired with |
 Bacon, Pancetta, Prosciutto, Cheese

Health benefits | Good source of vitamin A, calcium and riboflavin, which are all important for growth and a healthy heart!

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