Subscription Policy

1. General 

By subscribing to Nosh Box, you are subscribing to a minimum of 4 boxes before you can cancel your subscription. If you would like to cancel your subscription before you hit a minimum of 4 boxes, you will be charged for the price difference between one-off boxes and subscription boxes. 

Your subscription is auto-renewed every week, or every 2 weeks depending on your preferred plan.

2. Billing

You will be auto-billed every week, or every 2 weeks depending on your preferred plan when you subscribe to Nosh Box, unless you cancel your subscription. Billing will take place 2 days before your upcoming delivery. For example, you will be billed on Sunday for delivery on Tuesday, or billed on Wednesday for delivery on Friday.

3. Cut-off timing for rescheduling, cancelling or making amendments to your subscription

To ensure we reduce wastage as much as possible, if you would like to reschedule, cancel or make amendments to your subscription, please do so before you are billed (2 days before your upcoming delivery). You can do so via our subscription portal or dropping us a Whatsapp message at +65 9011 0151. 

An cancellation fee of $15 will be charged in the event of late changes to your subscription. Thank you for your kind understanding!

4. Delivery

Delivery will be between 10am - 6pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. We'll drop you a Whatsapp message 1 day in advance to remind you of your delivery. Should you have any preferred time slots or block out timings, please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate as much as possible. 

Do note that our produce is best kept chilled for freshness. Should no one be at the designated address to receive the delivery, it would be ideal to leave a cooler bag outside or an arrangement for us to leave at your neighbor’s house. Alternatively, you may also rent a styrofoam box from us at a refundable deposit of $5 upon return. 

Failed or unattended deliveries
In the event of no one being able to receive the delivery, our driver will leave the box in a shaded and safe location at your door and inform you via Whatsapp. If there is no information provided regarding a safe place to leave the box or the driver deems it unsafe/inaccessible (eg. locked gates), our driver will attempt to contact you for further instructions. Failing this, your box will be returned to us and we will reattempt a re-delivery on another day. Do note that additional costs for re-delivery will be charged.

5. Return of Reusable Boxes

As part of your subscription, this will include 2 free air-tight reusable boxes which will be used to store fresh greens and exchanged on every delivery. Should you be unable to return the plastic box to us on your delivery, please let us know in advance. A refundable deposit of $10 upon return will also be charged to you for each extra reusable box.