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Freshly harvested local greens delivered directly from our farm to your doorstep. The Nosh Box features the tastiest and highest quality selection of gourmet produce grown in our mighty container farm.

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100% Pesticide-free

Full Traceability

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Flexible subscription plan for catering your daily needs for fresh, yummy produce!
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How does the subscription work?

Choose your Nosh Box and Preferred delivery frequency

Flexible subscription plan customised to fit your lifestyle, so that eating well is as accessible and convenient for everyone. 

Choose your preferred Nosh Box type and delivery frequency (weekly or biweekly). Not to fret, you can change this anytime later via our subscription portal.

we harvest and deliver

We schedule our harvests such that every plant is harvested at its peak of freshness and flavour, exactly how they should taste and be enjoyed. A true farm-to-table experience awaits as we deliver the freshly harvested greens to your doorstep.

trade empty box for fresh box upon deliveries

In our efforts to reduce plastic waste, we will exchange your old plastic box for a new box on every delivery.

See our guide for more info on managing your subscription!

Flavour Guide

Meet our fresh greens and learn more about each's flavour profile, health benefits and pairing ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What varieties can I expect in my Nosh Box?

Each Nosh Box features a vibrant selection of fresh greens and edible flowers, and will changed up weekly/biweekly when you subscribe! To learn more about the varieties of our greens, click here.

How long can my produce stay fresh for?

Our produce can stay fresh when kept refrigerated and air tight for up to 10 days. However, we do recommend our customers to consume the produce as early as possible for freshness.

Can i pause or cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! You can do so conveniently via our Customer Subscription Portal. Do note that a minimum of 4 boxes/orders is required before you can cancel your subscription. See our guide for more info on managing your subscription!

Any other questions?

Check out our full FAQ here or drop us a message at!